Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, at Jellybean Park we value and encourage the delight young children find in learning.

As your child begins their learning journey with us, their natural curiosity and joy of discovery will be sparked and encouraged.  Our signature Prodigy Child© Program fosters the great joy a child finds in learning and integrates educational research and our creative experience; this unique approach is reflected in all we do, ensuring that the program enriches and engages children in a way that maximizes learning and fun! 

Exploring volcanoes in our dinosaur theme discovery lab.

Exploring volcanoes in our dinosaur theme discovery lab.

The featured topics are integrated with activities and interactive play that help children explore and learn.   For example, if children are learning about Dinosaurs, they may become Archaeologists and uncover fossils, they may build volcanoes and watch it erupt, a theme about Space could encourage a discussion about the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies and even use moon boots to walk on the moon and plant a flag!  Everything they learn comes from an exciting experience to reinforce the theme.

We understand that every child learns differently. That’s why we created the Prodigy Child© Program, as it offers a combination of the most advanced and proven early education methods combined with creativity and fun. Our daily lessons are designed to appeal to auditory, visual and kinetic learners to ensure that your child receives an education which fits them.   

Academic subjects as explored through the Prodigy Child© program include:

     Literacy – Jellybean is the first center in Vancouver to fully adopt the teaching methods of Letterland, an interactive approach to literacy from the United Kingdom.  In addition, Jellybean has added further hands-on components such as drama, and sensory material to further engage the children and make learning to read and write a fun experience. Children are first acquainted with Letterland at 12 months of age using songs and stuffed animals, then puppets, costumes, felt boards and a movable alphabet; expanding as the child grows and matures. 

    Math  First introduced as a monthly theme with circles, stories and songs, reinforcing the early learning of shapes, position, colour, and numbers 1-10. Math then becomes its own subject as the child grows, combining Montessori with Prodigy Child materials. The proven Montessori method of introduction, respect of materials, personal work spaces and practical life skills are also introduced.

    Fine Arts  The Fine Arts component of our program is a lesson appealing to artists, actors, and dancers. Our atelier is stocked with media for little artists to play and imagine!

  • Drama is taught as a separate activity with skits, costumes and plays that help to increase confidence
  • Dance is either free exploration of Music and Movement or Ballet taught by a dedicated dance teacher
  • Tae kwon Do or team sports

     Language Arts  We have an added Language Arts class that involves ESL for the Prep program and a dedicated French language program for Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs (Metrotown location).

     Themed lesson plans  Integrating Montessori, Reggio, Early Childhood Education, and Letterland, theme lessons introduce children to the world of learning using skits, puppets, games, movies, music, songs, felt boards, experiments, storybooks, and much more to engage, involve and spark children’s interest and curiosity. 

With more than 15 years of proven success, the Prodigy Child© Program is always developing and expanding to include the current best practices of childhood education.

Our Integrated Teaching Methods:

Environment - The environment is seen as the 'third teacher'. At Jellybean Park we create an atmosphere that surrounds, envelopes, an enhances the learning experience. We are very mindful of the curiosity of the children and have designed the centre environment to stimulate questions and conversations for both children and parents. The environment reflects the theme both inside and out with all puzzles, books, toys, visuals and dramatic play area changing to reflect the theme. Every month the classroom becomes a new and exciting place! Ever-changing materials means the children at Jellybean Park are engaged and excited to explore in a new and fun environment, while maintaining the familiarity and consistency of schedule.

Early Childhood Education (ECE) – We have enhanced methods of The Circle which includes current forms of multi-media, skits, puppets, costumes, real people, real materials, pictures, art, songs, and field trips.

Montessori – The Prodigy Child uses the Montessori math program as its proven method of introduction, respect of materials, personal work spaces and practical life skills are introduced.

"I went through many schools in Lower Mainland, and after thorough research, finally decided to send my daughter here. She started in Junior Pre-K, and we decided to have her stay here for Kindergarten. I have very high expectations, but I was not disappointed. We love all the monthly themes. We could tell that the teachers spend a lot of time and effort on it. The teachers are very caring and friendly. They keep the groups small so each child gets sufficient attention. We loved the Reggio & Emilio (Discovery Lab) method taught here. The curriculum taught seems to have a much higher standard compared to the average I’ve seen elsewhere. We enjoyed every moment spent here, and would like to sincerely thank all the staff here that helped to make it possible."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Andrea Ng, Parent

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