To a child learning is wonder and play! In our Discovery Lab we have introduced an environment which encourages and entices a child to discover and to explore the wonder of learning for themselves.

wearing animal masks and walking through 'swamps' to learn about wetlands

wearing animal masks and walking through 'swamps' to learn about wetlands

In our Discovery Labs we have blended our creative experience with a Reggio Emilia foundation. From the moment a child enters the Lab, their curiosity and imagination are engaged. The joy of play is combined with concepts meant to spark the imagination and build on the material presented in the classroom. Children can move about the room engaging in whatever invites their curiosity.

When the learning theme that month is 'Animals', the Discovery Lab may be filled with twigs, sticks and moss to build beaver dams while in another area a burrow box invites the children to crawl and explore! By experiencing hands-on what they are learning, their retention and curiosity skyrockets!   

Whether planting a flag on the moon or stepping through the mud of a wetland, Discovery Lab brings the child into a different world - A science lab of robots and inventors with big ideas, a fairyland with pixie dust and magic potions, or the colourful tents of a medieval fair!

Whatever the theme, the Discovery Lab is an eagerly awaited part of the children's week. It is a program that brings out the creativity and imagination of each child, giving them the magic of discovery and learning.

“Jellybean provides the perfect balance of fun and learning. The various monthly themes intertwine with the fun learning that takes place here. My 4 year old comes home excited and says ‘Daddy, guess what we learned today!’ I truly love Jellybean for the great benefits it is providing children that get to attend.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                -  Parent  

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