At Jellybean Park, we believe that childhood is a time for play, imagination, and discovery.  In each of our locations we've created a child’s world, rich in possibilities and unlimited potential. 

We recognize the powerful impact that early childhood environments have on children, which is why our centers reflect a wondrous world that captures a child's imagination through an ever-changing environment and learning resources.

Our signature Prodigy Child© Program fosters and encourages children to find wonder in learning. We’ve taken the best of all early childhood education programming and wrapped it up into a program that entertains, enlightens and educates your child.

Your child will receive loving, caring attention while also exploring their world in a safe and loving environment. The Burnaby location at Metropolis in Metrotown is 6000 sq. ft and offers a convenient location for commuting parents, while our 11,900 sq. ft Langley location is located in a themed schoolhouse across from Willowbrook Mall.

Through the fundamentals of praise, encouragement, and love, Jellybean Park introduces learning as a magical and playful adventure.

At Jellybean Park, we play. We teach. We love.

“Jellybean provides the perfect balance of fun and learning. The various monthly themes intertwine with the fun learning that takes place here. My 4 year old comes home excited and says ‘Daddy, guess what we learned today!’ I truly love Jellybean for the great benefits it is providing children that get to attend.”                                                                                                                                                                                   - Owen McCaughan, Parent  

"My daughter has been with Jellybean since she was 3 years old and just graduated Kindergarten with them. The program is amazing, everything is very hands on learning, they have a wonderful way of teaching these kids in a way that helps them retain what they are learning and have fun doing it.  The menu is exceptional, very healthy and such a wide variety of items daily. I would definitely recommend Jellybean, it gave my daughter an exceptional start to her education, if we could have continued her into Grade 1 we would have."                                             - Jamie Ryder, Parent


Our dedicated teachers are invested in providing a loving, warm and nurturing care environment for the children, creating a strong bond of love, acceptance and a genuine commitment to the success of each child.          

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Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, at Jellybean Park we value and encourage the delight young children find in learning. Through our Prodigy Child© Program kids learn while having fun!

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Jellybean offers two great facilities: Langley and Metrotown. Each care centre offers a variety of different programs. Please browse through the programs to find which one is right for you and your family.

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