Jellybean Park is a family-owned business, founded in 1988 by Laurel Culling. A single parent, Laurel's children have grown up at Jellybean Park and her daughters are now involved in teaching and administration. Her grandchildren are also both attending the program at the Langley Campus.

Jellybean Park has been a leader in early childhood education in the Lower Mainland for over 30 years. What makes Jellybean Park so unique is our exclusive Prodigy Child© Program which provides the essential attention your little one deserves while also creating an exciting and safe environment for them to explore. Our program is designed to create an aptitude for enhanced learning, where a child's imagination is engaged and curiosity is encouraged. It cultivates leadership and problem solving, socialization skills and life values.

By pairing academic curriculum with interactive play, Jellybean Park enhances your child’s development in all areas building positive, confident attitudes that encourage student leadership and personal accomplishment. We introduce learning to your child as a magical and joyful adventure that captures their attention and sparks their imagination to endless possibilities.

We have two locations designed just right for your child. The Burnaby location at Metropolis at Metrotown is 6,000 sq. ft. and offers a convenient location for commuting parents. Our 11,900 sq. ft. Langley location across from Willowbrook Mall is located in an old schoolhouse and has a playground that can’t be missed. Learn more about our locations.  

All parents want what is best for their child and the decision to begin your child's learning journey at Jellybean Park is a great choice. Through the fundamentals of praise, encouragement and love, Jellybean Park introduces learning as a magical and playful adventure.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Jellybean Park is ‘all about the children’.  Our commitment is to respect and nurture the uniqueness of each child.  This is best expressed in our motto, Love. Learning. Leadership. 

Our dedicated teachers and team members are guided by our motto everyday and are invested in providing a loving, warm and nurturing care environment for the children. They encourage a sense of belonging and create a strong bond of love, acceptance and a genuine commitment to the success of each child in a setting that feels like family.

Our Mission

To honour each child as able and partner with parents to provide their child with quality care, and to foster the development of independance, self-confidence and leadership. 

Our Vision

To create a safe and wondrous world that captures a child's imagination through an ever changing environment. To fulfill the potential of every child that participates in our program and to encourage the joy a child finds in learning.