At Jellybean Park, we know that the quality of relationships your child experiences during their first years of life have a deep and lasting impact on their future. Your child will receive the essential one-on-one attention while exploring their world in a safe and loving environment.

Jellybean Park is a family-owned Centre and we want our facilities to have a warm and homey feel. From comfy couches to bright curtains, we have created an inviting and comforting space which will make every child and parent feel welcome and at home. 

When your little one begins their care with us we will work with you to make the transition a smooth and happy time.  Children are hugged and greeted affectionately; we want children to feel loved and safe at Jellybean Park.  Our dedicated teachers and staff are all committed to providing loving, warm and nurturing care and are passionate and enthusiastic care providers who build real bonds and relationships with the families that they work with.

We do our best to encourage a sense of belonging in a setting that feels like home. We want to make every child feel exceptional and every parent feel at ease when dropping off their child.

Active minds and bodies need a hearty and nutritious meal. Jellybean Park provides your child with breakfast, lunch, and snack; all which are prepared fresh daily in our onsite kitchen.  To make the transition easier for parents, Jellybean Park also provides formula and diapers for infants.

"Within a week of my son starting at Jellybean he was 100% potty trained and he went from talking a few words to talking a mile a minute! I look forward to my son growing up here through his preschool and elementary years. The teachers are all very caring and don't hesitate to give him the love and snuggles I am missing when I am at work."                                                                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Jennifer Gloeckner, Parent

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